Synopsis: a Latin American country receives international attention after a deep intellectual transformation that led to the end of poverty, crime, and corruption. The government, companies and citizens have come together to create an incredible and prosperous nation devoted to its people, wildlife, and the environment. Although most have welcomed this change, there are those who will do whatever they can to hold on to the old ways.

Patricia Manterola leads the international cast of this new movie produced by Levites Studios & Teletul FIlms “The Nation of Butterflies” (La Nación de las Mariposas) The film was shot entirely in the State of Oklahoma USA with RED Dragon Epic Cinema cameras (8K), and tells the story of a fictional Latin American country that ended with its corruption, poverty and crime through a cultural and social transformation, an event compared to the metamorphosis experienced by butterflies. This is an inspirational movie intended for all ages. The film was portrayed by talents from the United States, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, China, Zambia, Spain, Israel and Puerto Rico.

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